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BARK motorized inflatable boats.

An active leisure or a peaceful fishing can hardly be imagined without a motor boat. Amongst the great variety of manufacturers the BARK is one of the most popular. Both professionals and amateurs from different countries of the world choose our products. BARK motor boats made of PVC will make your leisure time comfortable and unforgettable.

Variety of models.

BARK boats are made by the manufacturer of an established reputation on the market. Our products proved to be best seller in the CIS countries. BARK motor inflatable boats gained popularity thanks to their technical characteristics, particularly in terms of strength and durability.

Both motor and rowing boats of different designs are available. The models are distinguished from each other by the following features:

  • Functionality and exterior appearance;
  • Load capacity and dimensions;
  • Planking and transom;
  • Color and density of the material;
  • Hard or inflatable bottom.

The wide product range allows our customers to get the boat which would fully satisfy all their demands in terms of cost and functionality. It should be noted that pricewise the BARK motor inflatable boats are much more affordable than the solid body boats.

The properties of the PVC material.

BARK inflatable boats are manufactured with the use of the durable and light-weight material called polyvinylchloride. It allows us to achieve the best balance between durability and lightweightness. The material is wear and tear resistant. It makes a boat user friendly and transportable on account of its lightweightness.


The “BARK” company has an in-house quality control which includes testing of the raw materials and of the tensile strength of welded seams. Therefore you will never find the defected BARK inflatable motor boat on the shop shelf. Every product has a prolonged service life and outstanding strength characteristics.

Transportation and storing

To the list of essential merits of the inflatable rubber boats we should add their transportability and compactness. Every complete set includes a special bag for easy transportation. It can be carried by one person thanks to its light weight. You will need a small place for storing – a shelf in your garage or in your house would be enough.

In spite of the optimal strength characteristics of PVC, the service life can be affected by the inappropriate use or storing. The boat should be washed and completely dried prior to packing. It will allow you to avoid an unpleasant smell and to keep your boat in its original state.

The “BARK” company manufactures BARK inflatable motor boats of different models, colors and dimensions. Buying the BARK boat is beneficial because we offer the affordable prices and top quality.