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Four-man “BARK” motor boats

Four-man “BARK” motor boats allow you to put tackles and accessories in it. The stationary transom is designed to hold securely a motor with the capacity of up to 15 hp (the maximum weight of the motor is up to 55 kg). The splined planking contributes to higher boat’s safety. The vessel is user friendly, spacious and comfortable.

Technical characteristics and complete set

The price and quality ratio of this series will satisfy the most demanding customer or a fisherman:

  • Dimensions (L×W) – 330×160 cm;
  • Carrying capacity – 500 kg;
  • Number of the protected compartments – 3 + 1;
  • Diameter of a side – 40 cm;
  • Height of a transom – 41 cm.

A rigid bottom and an inflatable keel allow you to drive this boat at a maximum speed.

The boat goes with two seats, a rigid bottom, a pump, two oars and two bags. Every part of a four-man “BARK” boat is clever and capable to make every minute of your water tour most enjoyable.

You can find only top quality four-man boats at our dealers’ shops. The sales managers will help you learn more details about our motor boats enabling you to use them for many years to come.