Main Barks Motor boats Four-man BT-330


This is a relatively light-weight 4-man inflatable boat compared to the boats of the same dimensions. It is safe and comfortable. Rigged with the 8 hp motor, this boat demonstrates perfect steerability and high speed. Seven-piece floor planking makes the bottom rigid and comfortable. The roller back seat is a safeguard of the optimal distribution of weight and of the handy motor control. a rubbing band with a splash shelf protect its sides from bumping and friction against a moorage or reed and keep а cockpit and passengers away from excessive sprinkling. Protective molding at the underside reduces friction when a boat is dragged ashore or is transported in a trailer. You can set up a tent or a canvass in it. This boat is good for all styles of 2-man fishing (it is suitable for 4-man fishing too) and for long-distance water tours. This is the right choice for aggressive drivers too.

Technical characteristics

Length 330 cm.
Width 160 cm.
Diameter of the bead 40 cm.
Number of chambers 3
Passenger capacity 4
Carrying 440 kg.
Package size, cm. 130х50х45
Weight is 38 kg.
Motors up to 5.9 kW


Inflatable boat 1
Pump 1
Paddles 2
Repair kit 1
Package bag 1
Manual 1
Certificate 1
Seat's 2
Slat flooring 7