Main Barks Motor boats Four-man BT-330SD


Model BT-330SD is four-person motor boat with two sliding seat and the inflatable keel and with the rigid prefabricated planking. It is lighter in weight than the majority of boats of the same dimensions. Rigged with the 15 hp motor, this boat demonstrates perfect steerability and high speed. You can easily get it into a planning mode. a rubbing band with a splash shelf protect its sides from bumping and friction against a moorage or reed and keep а cockpit and passengers away from excessive sprinkling. Protective molding at the underside reduces friction when a boat is dragged ashore or is transported in a trailer. You can set up a tent or a canvass in it. This boat is good for all styles of 2-man fishing (it is suitable for 4-man fishing too) and for long-distance water tours. This is the right choice for aggressive drivers too.

Technical characteristics

Length 330 cm.
Width 160 cm.
Diameter of the bead 40 cm.
Number of chambers 3+1
Passenger capacity 4
Carrying 500 kg.
Package size, cm. 130х55х45+95х80х10
Weight is 38+25 kg.
Motors up to 11 kW


Inflatable boat 1
Sliding seat 2
Pump 1
Paddles 2
Repair kit 1
Manual 1
Certificate 1
Sectional floorboard 1
Package bag 2