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Two – man “BARK” motor boats

Two-man motor “BARK” boats are quite popular with fishermen, hunters, athletes and active leisure enthusiasts. They are made of high quality materials and are widely used by our customers for water tourism both on the rivers and lakes.

The two-man motor boat goes with a pair of floating oars enabling you to turn into a rowing boat, if necessary. Ergonomic valves and a spline planking with an anti-slip surface turn your water tour into an exciting and gratifying experience.

Performance characteristics

The weight of a complete boat is 26 kg. It has a stationary transom to hold the portable motor securely. The maximum motor capacity admissible is 3,3 hp. The vessel is of the following outer dimensions:

  • Height of a transom - 34 cm;
  • Width – 130 cm;
  • Length – 270 cm;
  • Diameter of a side - 34 cm. offers “BARK” motor boats with 3-year warranty period. We deliver the best models, unparalleled quality and safety proved by documents. Give yourself the real enjoyment and leisure!