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Three-man “BARK” motor boats

The three-man “BARK” motor boats are manufactured on the state-of-the-art equipment. Proven materials and components are the safeguard of higher strength and safety.

Technical characteristics

The bottom of a boat is made of the 5-layer reinforced PVC. Owing to a robust material you can stand in a boat without the rigid flooring underneath, the surface will not bend under your feet. The material is resistant to oil and gasoline. The thee-man “BARK” boat goes with the following accessories:

  • Lifelines;
  • Stationary transom (designed for a portable motor of 5 hp).

Protected compartments are sealed in such a way which eliminates chafing. The outer dimensions of a boat:

  • Length - 310 cm
  • Width - 148 cm
  • Carrying capacity - 320 kg
  • Diameter of a side - 38 cm
  • Height of a transom - 38 cm

PVC motor boats available at our dealers’ shops have become an epitome of safety and comfort. Retaining their original properties, “BARK” boats will serve you for a remarkably long time. You can learn more about advantages of our boats from our dealer.