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Inflatable PVC-based rubber boats

Inflatable PVC-based rubber BARK boats proved to be reliable and user friendly. Many customers associate our brand with the best vessels for fishing and active leisure. Our rubber boats are made of top quality synthetic materials with the use of the advanced technologies. The raw material is based on PVC. Every model is subject to testing and stringent quality control. This is the reason why “BARK” brand is considered to be a leader in production of inexpensive floating crafts. There are motor and rowing BARK boats available on the market. You can choose what you want from a great variety of models.

The most popular boats are:

  • Inflatable PVC boats;
  • Models with the prefabricated rigid bottom;
  • Models which can hold motors of different hp.

The scope of “BARK” floating crafts is quite broad. Not only fishermen and enthusiasts of active leisure but also rescue teams and security service workers widely use our inflatable boats. It is worth noting, however, that “BARK” company is specialized in production of boat-related accessories, pumps, portable transoms, repair kits, oars and other items. Every customer can make a good bargain, be it a state-of-the-art vessel or useful accessories.

The main advantages of “BARK” boats

Safety is the main asset of “BARK” boats. Low center of gravity eliminates the risk of capsize. The inflatable construction members are divided into sections, the boat remains buoyant if some part of it is damaged and you can always reach the shore. Another merit of BARK inflatable PVC-based rubber boats is their compactness and transportability. You can put it in a car trunk. You can store it in a special bag (included).

With the help of a hand pump you can easily get the rubber PVC-based BARK boat ready for use. If you have an electric pump, you can do it in no time. The seats, floor plankings and other parts are fixed to their own places.

Quality product at an affordable price

Top quality and safety of a BARK rowing boat in combination with an affordable price will pleasantly surprise you. You can always find and get a good vessel according to your financial muscle. The manufacturing plant gives a 36-month warranty. Within this period you may turn for a qualified assistance of our experts. We offer only top quality products for your superlative leisure. You can find an ideal boat and accessories in our product catalogue as well.