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Two-man “BARK” rowing boats

An inflatable boat produced by the “BARK” company is the best choice for beginners who buy their first floating craft for fishing, hunting or leisure.



Two-man “BARK” rowing boats are user friendly and are rigged with a spline planking. Having a light weight, a folded boat can be easily packaged in a trademark bag for convenient transportation.

“BARK” boats are made of the reinforced multilayered PVC. Many layers of PVC material applied on the surface of a special synthetic fabric make a finished product robust and durable. The manufacturing process renders the material resistant to UV, gasoline and oil. The material’s density is 800 g/sqm.

You can buy an inflatable PVC boat from our dealer at an affordable price in all regions of Ukraine. The best models are available in our catalogue where you can find an appropriate vessel for fishing.