Main Barks Rowing boats Two-man B-250C


An increased diameter of tubes (compared to a standard size) contributes to perfect buoyancy and stability of a boat. Three-piece floor planking allows you to stand firm in it. This is the right choice for fishing, hunting and water tourism. It is suitable for going down the rivers of 1st category of difficulty. You can set up a tent in it.

Technical characteristics

Length 250 cm.
Width 132 cm.
Diameter of the bead 36 cm.
Number of chambers 2
Passenger capacity 2
Carrying 250 kg.
Package size, cm. 100x45x35
Weight is 20 kg.


Inflatable boat 1
Slat flooring 3
Pump 1
Paddles 2
Repair kit 1
Package bag 1
Manual 1
Certificate 1
Seat's 2