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Model B-250ND is two-person boat with two sliding seats, a hinged transom and a slat flooring.  An increased diameter of tubes (compared to a standard size) contributes to perfect buoyancy and stability of a boat. Three-piece floor planking allows you to stand firm in it. Rigged with a 2,5 horse power motor, this boat goes faster than similar models of this size, preserving perfect steerability and maneuvering performance. It is good for all styles of fishing, for hunting and a long-distance boat trip. You can set up a tent in it.

Technical characteristics

Length 250 cm.
Width 132 cm.
Diameter of the bead 36 cm.
Number of chambers 2
Passenger capacity 2
Carrying 250 kg.
Package size, cm. 100x45x35
Weight is 22 kg.


Inflatable boat 1
Sliding seat 2
Slat flooring 3
Hinged transom 1
Pump 1
Paddles 2
Repair kit 1
Package bag 1
Manual 1
Certificate 1