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One-man BARK rowing boat

Fishermen, hunters, athletes and active leisure enthusiasts use inflatable rowing boats. Among the great variety of producers the customers prefer the Ukrainian company named “BARK” who occupies a leading position on the contemporary market.

Advantages of boats

“BARK” inflatable boats have a number of advantages who guarantee continuous demand:

  • An unparalleled quality;
  • Affordable price;
  • Strength and reliability;
  • Comfort and safety.

Variety of models

Our product range includes rowing and “BARK” motor boats of different modifications allowing you to choose an appropriate floating craft which will meet your requirements. Besides, we offer a wide range of accessories and components which make it possible to improve your boat.

Most popular and affordable models are the one-man “BARK” rowing boats. They have an excellent maneuvering performance, compactness and controllability. They are suitable both for deep rivers and shallow waters. Every customer will find an appropriate model which will become a reliable companion and a robust vehicle during your water-based recreation.