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Three-man “BARK” rowing boats.

Three-man “BARK” rowing boats are spacious and comfortable. You can put the fishing accessories and tackles in it. The boats are light-weight, compact, easy to transport and user friendly. It will take a few minutes to assemble it.

Complete set

The price and complete set of a “BARK” inflatable boat are quite attractive for a customer. Paying a fair price for a model, you will get a boat with the following accessories:

  • Portable transom;
  • A bag;
  • Floor planking;
  • Seats/oars;
  • Pump/Repair kit.

You can assemble a boat very quickly using the manual. The certificate of a small craft is attached.

Structural safety

A boat has an additional rigidity because the bottom planking. A wood belting attached to the perimeter of a boat securely protects the inflatable tubes from damage upon mooring. The wood belting as well protects the passenger from being sprinkled with the help of a special splash board.

You can make a good bargain via our dealers’ E-commerce websites available all over Ukraine. You can choose different models of “BARK” inflatable boats at different prices.