Having advantages of B-300 model, this rowing boat has a permanent fender and splash shelfs which protect its sides from bumping and friction against a moorage or reed and а cockpit and passengers – from excessive sprinkling. It is good for 2-man fishing (it is comfortable for 3-man fishing too). The right choice for family recreation. You can set up a tent in it.

Technical characteristics

Length 300 cm.
Width 146 cm.
Diameter of the bead 40 cm.
Number of chambers 2
Passenger capacity 3
Carrying 380 kg.
Package size, cm. 110x45x35
Weight is 30 kg.


Inflatable boat 1
Seat's 2
Slat flooring 5
Pump 1
Paddles 2
Repair kit 1
Package bag 1
Manual 1
Certificate 1