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BARK inflatable boats: rowing and motorized ones… Superlative!

Need a boat? For fishing or hunting? For an active leisure or water tourism? Need a quality and affordable product? You are in the right place! BARK inflatable boats will fully meet your expectations. This is why…

Our inflatable boats, manufactured in Dnepropetrovsk, are well known from Spain and Russia to Moldova and the Netherlands. About 17% of our customers said that BARK inflatable motor and rowing boats were the best in terms of the cost and quality ratio. The rest 78% of users admitted that our boats exceeded their expectations.

Manufacture of the reliable and comfortable inflatable boats at affordable prices was our goal right from the start when we decided to turn our passion into profession. Nowadays this is our core principle. We are committed to adding more value for money when you choose the BARK inflatable rowing or motor boat and related accessories. How do we achieve it?

Advantages of design based on the customers’ feedback. We know exactly the most valuable features of the rowing or motorized inflatable boats thanks to our continuous contacts with fishermen, hunters, athletes, rescue workers and amateurs. Our expertise is the prerequisite of the successful design and manufacturing culture. BARK inflatable boats show high floating stability, buoyancy, speed and steering capabilities. They are reliable and comfortable. You can read more about the design here.

The best materials and technologies. The top quality and reduced costs create the value for money. The selection of materials and technologies is based on the experience of our own and of our industry peers. Therefore BARK rowing and motor inflatable boats consist of the tube which is made of the special fabric with the state-of-the-art PVC coating. Fittings are made of the high quality plastics and metals. Plankings or continuous flooring, seats and transoms are made of the water resistant laminated plywood.

The careful selection of suppliers allows us to safeguard high quality of materials and accessories, with costs being reduced. You can read more about the design here.

BARK inflatable boats are made with the use of hot pressing. The reason why can be found here.

BARK inflatable boats are hand made. Not because we failed to automatize some production processes. Basically, the skilled hand labor is the guarantee of quality. Hand labor is employed in different industries, namely in automotive production, watchmaking, electronic engineering and aerospace industry. Our approach is proven by common practice of our foreign partners.

Moreover we use a number of know-how in BARK inflatable boats production, keeping a close eye on the latest engineering achievements.

Conformity to the international and local standards of quality. We meet the main international standard for boats - ISO 6185. The norms of this standard are basic for us. Though we organized our production processes in such a way that allowed us to exceed the standards. We have ISO 9001 Certificate too. Our production facility is certified by the Register of Navigation of Ukraine which regularly verifies conformity of production processes to stringent norms by issuing the Certificate of conformity. Every BARK inflatable boat has the Certificate of coastal vessel issued by the Register of Navigation. We also have appropriate Certificates which allow us to sell our products not only in the European Union but in other countries according to their standards in force.

Competence. The BARK rowing and motorized inflatable boat is the result of efforts and synergy of a group of qualified professionals driven by commitment to the continuous improvement.

Multi-level quality system. Alnog with the external quality control fulfilled by the Register of Navigation of Ukraine, we maintain a stringent in-house control of every production cycle. Personal liability to the customers is the additional stimulus for craftsmen. Every BARK rowing and motor boat has a serial number indicated both in the Certificate of coastal vessel and on the boat’s label. By referring to the serial number we can identify the personnel who originally produced your boat.

With proven top quality, the BARK inflatable boat can meet any challenge. Originally our inflatable boats were meant for active leisure. According to the international classification they qualify for leisure coastal boats. In the meanwhile the BARK rowing boats serve as lifeboats on the vessels and completely justify confidence. BARK motorized inflatable boats are highly appreciated by rescue workers at Ministry of Emergency Situations. As practice shows BARK inflatable boats are suitable for special designation.

Additional options. Besides the inflatable boats we manufacture accessories to them. These are tents, soft pads for seats, underseat bags, portable forward lockers, in a word, stuff that makes the BARK inflatable boat even more comfortable.

It should be noted that the package content is variable. For example you can get the rigid deck instead of a planking or an additional set of seats for some models.

Please note that we can make customized boats. The basic version of the BARK inflatable boat consists of the green tube, with the material’s density being determined by the specifications of the model. According to your requirements we can manufacture a boat with the material’s density of 1100 g/m2, even though the basic version’s density is lower than 1100 g/m. You can choose color – light green, red, yellow, black or camouflage painting.

In the event of your inflatable boat being damaged (God forbid), we guarantee the professional repair at an affordable price. Practice shows it is the best, reliable and user –friendly solution. If necessary we can customize your inflatable boat.

We described the basic facts which add value to the BARK inflatable rowing and motor boats. Now it is you turn to choose the best option. We are confident that from a wide range of our boats you will manage to pick up the most suitable model which will meet and exceed your requirements and will serve you many years to come.

BARK: a little piece of history

The 90-s. Enthusiasts of the healthy leisure on the water, dreamers with educational background in engineering used to repair and customize different inflatable boats for themselves and friends. Since then they have launched production of inflatable boats of their own design. The hobby turned to business in 1998. Small-scale production of 4 models has been started. The production area then was 60 sqm. The staff consisted of 10 people.

2001 – registration of the BARK trademark. The production area is 1000 sqm. Sixty craftsmen manufacture 10 models of boats. We began to participate in the international fairs in Poland, Germany, the Netherlands and France. We received the European Certificates and began to export our products to the European Union countries.

2013 – Complete renewal of the product range. The production area is 3500 sqm. One hundred and seventy craftsmen manufacture 41 models of BARK boats. The development is still on.