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Inflatable BARK boats: warranty and service

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Warranty period lasts for 36 months after the date of sale. We guarantee the performance of an inflatable boat if you follow the rules of operation and storage. The warranty covers the inflatable boat, fittings and accessories including a pump, bags, oars, an adhesive in the repair kit.

Warranty does not cover the inflatable boats:

  • which have no operation manual;
  • with defects caused by violation of rules of operation and storage, i.e. non-manufacturing flaws.

NOTE! An adhesive interlayer along the seams can turn yellow owing to exposure to light. It does not affect the safety of the seam and of the boat. It is explained by properties of the adhesive and is not a manufacturing flaw.

The warranty period will be interrupted if the boat’s structure has been changed by a customer.

It is allowed to replace the boat for a new one within 14 days after the date of sale if the product was not in use. We offer a quality repair at an affordable price after the warranty period.

If you decide to extend the list of functions of your boat, you will find a qualified customization service at our company. Moreover, we give professional advice on how to make customization on your own.