Operation and storage of PVC-based inflatable boats.


PVC-based inflatable boats are extremely robust, they are easy to maintain and store. Still some restrictions exist. You are strongly advised to follow the rules in order to keep your boat in good shape for many years to come.


Use an inflatable boat according to its intended purpose, taking into consideration its technical characteristics. Take steps to avoid putting damage on it (take care of tubes, fittings, accessories).

It is strongly forbidden:

  • To inflate the tubes above the rated pressure of 0,15 at (kg/cm2).
  • To use an inflatable boat if the height of waves exceeds 0,3 m; if the wind force is more than 3; at a distance above 1 km from shore; without individual life jackets.
  • To load an inflatable boat above the rated norm.
  • To use a detachable motor if design of an inflatable boat does not allow it.
  • To use a motor above the maximum permissible capacity rated for a concrete model. Maximum permissible capacity of a motor is indicated on the label attached to a boat and in the manual.
  • To move a boat by dragging it along the rigid surface.
  • To use a boat under the influence of intoxicants.

Please note: while choosing a motor for an inflatable boat you should bear in mind not only its maximum permissible capacity but also minimum permissible capacity in order to be able to reach the shore upstream and windward.

Maintenance and storage

Avoid an excessive pressure in the tubes of an inflatable boat. Remember: daily temperature drop and atmospheric pressure have an impact on that in the tubes. Do not expose an inflatable boat to an excessive solar heat.

Do not allow water to get inside the tubes. If water got in there, keep an unfolded boat with valves open until water evaporates completely.

Keep an inflatable boat away from oil and lubricants as well as from aggressive and polluting agents. Even though PVC material is resistant to petroleum, the latter can leave stains, deteriorating the exterior of a boat. You can easily remove stains with a solution of ethyl acetate and water at the ratio of 1/2. Do not use the abrasive detergents or rigid brushes.

Remove sand and litter from an inflatable boat before folding it. The stains should be cleaned as described above. Allow a boat to dry completely before putting it in a bag.

At the end of the season wash and clean an inflatable boat carefully (as mentioned above), preparing it for a long-term storage. Allow a boat to dry completely. Leave the valves open to let occasional moisture inside the tubes evaporate.

Inspect an inflatable boat carefully and see that it is not damaged and fittings are in good order. If necessary you can make a minor repair using a repair kit. You are strongly advised to turn to an authorized workshop or to the manufacturer for a major repair. The best option for you is to turn to us.

It is recommended to keep the tubes slightly inflated during the storage of an inflatable boat. On the other hand you can store your boat in a bag.

Keep an inflatable boat in a cool place or in a room with normal temperature. It is forbidden to expose a boat to a temperature below -18Cо or above +50Со. Keep it away from heating devices!


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