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Fishing is a truly wonderful passion. It is not the result (the catch) that matters, you enjoy the process itself. Fishing gives you a number of healthy pleasures. No other passion seems to be able to give you such a thrill, unity between a peaceful mind and nature, rejuvenation of body and soul. It is proven that fishing improves vitality and coordination, enhances your endurance and concentration. It is also a good stimulus for your creative abilities. It helps to set you free from everyday routine and problems. A boat for fishing definitely broadens the powers of a fisherman. An inflatable boat gives you additional advantages in comparison with the rigid body boat. Now it is turn to choose an appropriate inflatable boat which would perfectly meet your requirements.

It is obvious that any inflatable boat is better than a rigid body vessel of the same size in terms of compactness, lightweightness, transportability and storage. An inflatable boat is easy to maintain. In fact you need to wash it and let it dry before storing. Keep your boat away from frost and heaters. An inflatable boat is not susceptible to cracks and rust, it does not require painting. Contemporary quality inflatable boats match and excel many rigid body vessels in terms of safety, operating life, load carrying capacity and steerability.

It is worth noting that inflatable boats have a wide array of sizes and types. We offer BARK inflatable rubber boats for fishing in Ukraine. They have become popular thanks to good quality and wide assortment. You can choose a boat with excellent technical characteristics to satisfy your expectations and fishing preferences.

Do you like fishing alone or in a company? What kind of fishing do you prefer? Where do you fish? How do you deliver a boat to a place of fishing? All these questions are important. You normally take into consideration many basic facts while choosing an inflatable boat for fishing.

If you prefer classical fishing alone at one with nature, you will probably prefer a compact boat with a limited number of options, i.e. B-190 boat. This is the choice of fishermen who likes catching from shore using a fishing line for bottom fishing. This inflatable boat allows you not only to deliver the bait to hardly reachable places but also to put the bottom feeding exactly where you want.

If you want more comfort, you are at the right place. There are inflatable boats with seats and floor plankings on offer. If you need to stand while fishing, you will definitely choose a boat with the floor planking. It is not necessary to have solid floor planking. You can stand firmly on modular flooring if the number of modules is correct. The majority of BARK inflatable boats has an appropriate number of modular planking to allow you to stand on it. Upon request we can give you additional planking and more options. For instance, we can rig B-190 boat with a seat and rowlocks suitable for full-size oars.

For the sake of comfortable fishing alone some fishermen choose a two-man inflatable boat because its cockpit is bigger than it is in one-man boats. If you go fishing in two, a three-man boat is the better choice. Inflatable BARK boats will fully satisfy your requirements.

Which one is better for fishing - a rowing or a motor boat? Which motor boat to choose from a vast variety of them? There is no need for you to have an inflatable boat if you do not use a motor. If you want to develop your fishing skills and broaden an area of fishing, a rowing inflatable boat is the right choice. Please note that it is not possible to turn a rowing boat into a motorized one by adding a detachable transom because the design and technical characteristics of a purely rowing boat is different. Any change of design will cause troubles.

It is a different story if you prefer trolling or “lane fishing”, as people would call it in the good old days. Some fishermen distinguish between the two fishing methods. They say that trolling requires a motor boat while “lane fishing” calls for a rowing boat. The answer is self-evident. It is difficult to control a tackle and to row at the same time, let alone you are expected to row actively. This is the reason why if you like trolling, BARK motor boat is the right choice. Hence, you need to choose an appropriate boat and a motor.

The capacity of a motor for an inflatable boat is an important subject (you can find more details about it here). At first you need to understand your real needs. A low-capacity motor is the right solution (such motors are often referred to as trolling engines) for trolling because you don’t need high speed for it. With the help of such a motor you will be able to reach your favorite places for fishing quickly if they are not remote. For such purposes you are advised to select an inflatable motor boat with a detachable transom. Please note that an inflatable boat with a stationary transom will do as well. If you choose a boat with continuous modular rigid floor planking, you will be able to stand and walk in it.

If you normally go for a long distance traveling in a quick manner, you are strongly advised to choose a motor boat with a high-capacity engine. Such boats are bigger and heavier than rowing ones. If you store your motor boat nearby the river or lake, two adults would easily manage to carry it to the shore. Otherwise, you will need a car for transportation. The only drawback of big-size inflatable motor boats is that they require a vehicle for transportation. On the other hand they are spacious and have good load-carrying capacity. A big-size inflatable boat would suit you if you prefer fishing with friends. For instance, four fishermen with the spinning rods in hands will feel comfortable in an eight-man BARK boat.

We hope that aforesaid basic facts on how to choose an inflatable boat are useful for you.

You will definitely find an appropriate boat for fishing amongst a vast variety of BARK boats.

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