Family recreation


The wholesome family recreation on the landscape is the best way of revising the view of life and appreciating the true life values. The rainbowlike sprinkle of water behind the stern of the boat when you glide over the water waves all together… The fish beating its tail against the side of the boat… You have just managed to defeat and, at length, catch it…The family recreation yields a number of pleasant moments, bringing us together and making us understand how dear we are to each other.

With the cheerful whir of the boat’s motor or the gentle splash of water under the oars, with the birds singing or cricket chirping being around, the daily troubles gradually disappear. With the whiff of fresh air above the water, like a smoke of bonfire, trifle grievances disperse. Now you can grasp the true meaning of the word “Family”. Hence we grasp how strongly we need understanding, compassion and love. Indeed, family is the most valuable asset we possess.

The wholesome recreation on the landscape is a real benefit to your family. It is quite obvious that the quality inflatable boat can bring about the utmost benefit and enjoyment.

Why an inflatable boat? Because buying and storing it is beneficial for family budget. In the meantime, it is far from being inferior to a launch (sometimes even superior to it) in terms of reliability and comfort. Quality inflatable boats are easy to maintain. It is important to make the right choice amongst the great variety of them in order to ensure the superlative family recreation.

Considering the fact how diverse the family recreational activities can be – rowing, fishing, camping, rafting or even diving - it’s vital to go for the most versatile version of the boat. Above all it should be spacious and load-carrying, reliable and safe.

As far as the passenger capacity is concerned, it is advisable to start with a three-person boat. Although the experience has shown that the three-member families prefer four-person one on account of greater comfort.

BARK inflatable boats meet the most stringent standards in terms of safety and reliability. In our view, an inflatable boat with planking is the most suitable one for a family. The more planking in it the better. It is mandatory to supply each and every boat with life jackets according to the number of passengers in it as the safety regulations require. The size of life jackets for kids should be suitable for them.

A rowing boat or a motor boat? The motorized inflatable boat gives more opportunities to your family even if it is rigged with a small power motor. On the other hand if you prefer calm repose on the water, the rowing boat is the best option. The basic criteria of choice will help you find the right solution for you and your family.

The inflatable boat, chosen correctly, will give a lot of fun and joy to your family, be it brief water touring or a long tour. At any rate the family vacation spent together will leave a great plenty of bright and happy moments to be remembered for many years to come.

Let the BARK inflatable boat help you save as more happy recollections as possible!

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