An inflatable boat as a dive boat


A magic underwater tour is an absolutely amazing adventure. It is no wonder that diving is gaining popularity today. In order to reach remote places for diving you would need a dive-boat. A launch or a yacht equipped with special tools for divers is quite an expensive asset let alone it is not ubiquitous. This is the reason why the efficient and trouble-free inflatable boats have become a reliable companion of many divers.

If you are an advanced diver, you would probably agree that you do not need to go overseas for a wonderful underwater journey. If you are a beginner or a dreamer, you will be surprised to get to know how many beautiful views can be seen in our local lakes, rivers and seas. There are a lot of places around full of vibrant underwater world as much exciting to watch as exotic creatures of remote seas and oceans. Underwater hunters hardly ever have an empty bag of trophies after hunting in our local waters. Thick forest of waterweed in the rivers sometimes looks as fabulous as gigantic plants of brown algae (kelps) divers usually like to visit off California or Kamchatka. Our waters are full of remnants of wrecks, be it sunk ships, artifacts, buildings, etc. Human history embedded in the underwater world has become an attraction for wreck diving enthusiasts, giving them positive and breathtaking emotions.

Whatever you like in diving be sure that an inflatable boat will deliver you at the place of destination. Sometimes an inflatable boat is the only vehicle you can use to go to the most exciting and remote places.

We would like to answer one frequently asked question: is it possible for a diver to come aboard of an inflatable boat after an open water dive? How strong is the chance of capsizing?

There is a good reason for concern: an inflatable boat has no deck or boarding ladder while the majority of big dive boats have them. In fact divers began to use conventional inflatable boats without special equipment quite a long time ago. It is very difficult to turn a well designed inflatable boat upside down. BARK inflatable boats are particularly stable.

In the end you can tow a diver to the shore with the help of life lines.

In fact, many free and scuba divers who use our inflatable boats confirm that it is easy to come aboard the BARK boat after diving. It is easier to do so if there is another man in a boat waiting for you to come up and ready to help you out.

A man who stays in an inflatable boat waiting for his companions to return can while away his time fishing or watching the boundless skies - we do it quite rarely indeed.

Please bear in mind that an inflatable dive-boat must be comfortable for divers and big enough to carry aqualungs and accessories in it.

An inflatable boat with floor planking, preferably solid and rigid one, is obviously the best choice. We recommend you to select inflatable boats with stationary transom and inflated keel. It should be a larger than average vessel.

Yet some divers prefer small size inflatable rowing boats. They normally give favorable reports about 230-240 cm long vessels.

It is up to you to choose an appropriate inflatable boat for diving. The choice depends largely on your preferences.

Let your inflatable boat bring a lot of bright and special moments to your journey to the underwater world!

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