An inflatable boat is a big-time thing!


It is good that more and more young people like healthy leisure. Aquatic recreation belongs to a wholesome pastime and an inflatable boat is exactly what you may need. Normally young people prefer extreme kinds of leisure to quiet resting in nature, save for their being in romance. Reliable inflatable boats would serve you well in different situations.

To have a comfortable boat trip with a girlfriend or to glide over water surface? To go for diving or to make an arduous journey in troubled waters? In all cases the state-of-the-art and quality inflatable boats will never let you down.

The design of BARK inflatable boats is a pledge of exceptional stability and strength suitable for extreme conditions. Of course, there are some tests that our boats can hardly pass. For instance, if you ride a boat along the highway or if you try hard to pierce it or dry it near bonfire. In all these cases the result will be deplorable.

The age of a man has a little to do with his or her hunger for adventure and experiments. Even though adults usually assess a risk more carefully than young people, they still tend to put their boats to test all the same.

Among a vast variety of BARK inflatable boats you will easily find the suitable one which would entirely meet your requirements. The right choice largely depends upon the way you prefer organizing your aquatic recreation.

You will probably like a small size inflatable rowing boat if you are not fond of extreme type of recreation, of sunbathing on the shore or of maintaining a motor. The most compact and light weight B-190 inflatable boat will become indispensible during your active aquatic leisure.

If you prefer diverse active leisure with more comfort, you should select a big-size and well-equipped boat which would fully satisfy your requirements. We recommend you to take a look at BARK inflatable rowing boats with the increased diameter of tubes, namely 210 cm, 230 cm, 250 cm and 270 cm long boats. Apart from being affordable and user friendly, they are exceptionally stable and buoyant, suitable for extreme types of recreation. Aquatic tourists widely use these boats for most arduous journey.

If you are fond of speed and aggressive ride, an inflatable motor boat is the right choice! Remember, a powerful motor does not necessarily make your boat go faster (to learn more about it, refer to here). High speed, stability, steerability and maneuvering ability of a motor boat largely depend upon its design. BARK inflatable motor vessels conform to standards. Inflatable motor crafts of BN series are most suitable for sports activities. Remember, every inflatable motor boat is subject to State registration and its owner should have a special driving license. You are allowed to get such a license from the age of 18.

While choosing an inflatable boat you will find it useful to refer to the list of basic selection criteria.

Your BARK inflatable boat will add more bright colors to your leisure and give you a true “forever young” feeling no matter how old you are. You will see that an inflatable boat is a fabulous thing!

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