An inflatable boat: friendly and quick as the wind!


By and large, fishing, diving and water tourism belong to sport, not to mention rowing and canoeing. This list of sports activities is crowned by boat racing because of its popularity. We have inflatable boats on offer for those who really like fast driving.

The whole range of BARK inflatable motor boats can be attributed to sport ones according to the “commercial” classification. But we do not want to make things more confusing. Therefore we abide by official international standards and classification. Sports inflatable boats (all kinds of vessels in general) fall under categories. The definition “Sport craft” means a racing boat eligible for official racings. For instance, there are tourist kayaks (drive boats) and sports vessels (racing ones), pleasure yachts and sports cruisers on offer. Sports inflatable boats are also categorized by Union

Internationale Motonautique, i.e. UIM. Strictly speaking, only some kinds of RIB boats and special racing inflatable boats can be attributed to sports inflatable vessels. (To learn more, please refer to the above – mentioned reference).

On the other hand, inflatable boats can be used not only in racings but also in other kinds of sports activities. BARK inflatable rowing or motor boats will definitely help you demonstrate your athletic spirit while fishing or hiking. Frankly speaking, fishermen who participate in official championships prefer inflatable motor boats. BARK inflatable boats made it possible for our customers to win a number of competitions.

Even though the conventional inflatable boats are not qualified for official racings, they perform pretty well in the unofficial competitions. We are proud of BARK inflatable motor boats being able to secure leading position in many international racings. If you want a fast inflatable boat, you will find one amongst our motor vessels.

Please note that BARK inflatable boats of BN series are best of all suitable for racings, though other BARK boats can be fast enough too. With respect to speed we would like to remind you about the following.

It is not only a powerful motor that makes a boat go fast. With the increase of speed the water resistance is growing and at the certain point of time a motor boat is slowing down. But if loaded well, an inflatable boat can be easily put into a planning mode allowing you to gain momentum once again. Generally speaking, when you become skillful at operating your boat, you will get the best out of it.

Remember that your experience of speed on the water is quite different from that in a car on the road. If your inflatable boat goes 15 km/h, you will have a feeling of real spin. And such a speed is not the limit for comparatively a small-size BARK motor boat. For instance, BT-290S inflatable boat with a motor of 8 hp will allow you to go 18-35 km per hour, depending on a load. By the way, a 6,5 hp motor is enough to put this boat into a planning mode.

Motor capacity is an important factor and we recommend you to read the useful information on how to choose a motor for an inflatable boat.

You should not neglect design and fittings of an inflatable boat because they determine speed performance, comfortability and safety of an inflatable boat. We can assure you that BARK inflatable vessels give you advantage for they have exceptional quality of design and outfit. Here you can find more details on our technologies and materials.

Choose your BARK inflatable boat and go for the wind of change!

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