Inflatable boats for your journey


Rowing on the smooth surface of water or down the turbulent river. Under the boundless sky, amongst the great variety of landscape… Making a boat trip - sometimes long, sometimes short. When the pain in muscles is pleasant and the difficult tourist trail you have just finished leaves the sweet taste of endurance and victory. When resting at the breathtakingly picturesque valley is so gratifying… It’s about water tourism. You are up to this unforgettable and healthy pleasure when you have the quality inflatable boat. But which boat to choose from a great number of them?

In general, the water tourism is multi-faceted, every aspect of it has its own demands. For instance, the sea kayaking (in the spring flood) implies a sea kayak, the nautical tourism requires sailing katamarans or trimarans (rarely – a yacht), the rafting calls for a raft. It should be noted that many people think that rafting means an extreme river rafting in the mountains. Strictly speaking, the rafting implies rafts. In the meanwhile, you can use kayaks or special katamarans for rafting down the mountain river. In fact, the rafting kayaks and the katamarans became predominantly inflatable for quite a long time ago, while rafts were originally inflatable.

Only the sea kayaking and the nautical tourism don’t see much of inflatable vessels. But the change is just around the corner. Because inflatable sea kayaks, sailing boats and katamarans are becoming more and more popular. It will be remembered that John Mix, an American sailor, and the two of his friends made it to England from the United States on the inflatable trimaran back in 1867. The French physician, Alain Bombard, crossed the Atlantic Ocean in his inflatable boat rigged with the sail. By the way, his boat called Zodiac, model Mark III, was of series production. In a word, some of our customers have already adjusted our BARK inflatable boats for sails.

If you don’t plan to go to the Ocean or to go rafting, you can easily find the appropriate BARK inflatable boat for your most satisfying water tourism. If you are a beginner in rafting, please take into consideration the following directions.

Firstly, the tourist rafting (including rafting itself) has six categories of difficulty. The highest sixth category is about the river with obstacles which hardly ever have been overcome. The third category involves obstacles to be dealt with by advanced water tourists and is rather critical for beginners. In principle, the experienced tourists inform us that they have made it in our boats. What we can explicitly declare is that BARK inflatable boats successfully passed the test on the rivers of the second category of difficulty. These are rivers with rifts, smooth rapids and short riffles (i.e. places with stones and other obstacles being on the surface), with standing waves, backwaters and whirlpool. The more detailed information about the various kinds obstruction can be found in the specialized literature or through the word of mouth. It should be noted that children from 12 years of age are allowed to pass the second category routes under the adult surveillance. At any rate, adrenaline rush is guaranteed. By the way, do not omit to put life jackets in your boat, particularly when children are expected to join you. According to the rules of vessel operation, life jackets must always be around.

Secondly, the water tourism implies the use of limited number of technological tools. Literally, all you have is the boat and oars at hand. A motor boat does not qualify for this kind of sport. On the other hand you can use the motorized boat without the motor because the latter is useless in the river with obstacles.

In general, it is easy to select an inflatable boat suitable for the water tourism (particularly for rafting). You are strongly advised to take a look at the row-boats at the beginning. Our product range includes models with the increased diameter of the boat sides. These are 210, 230, 250 and 270 cm long row-boats. According to the advanced water tourists, such row-boats are most comfortable for rafting. If you plan to go down the river’s circuitous course with the narrow weir and numerous rapids around, the big-size inflatable boat is definitely not the right choice. Therefore many water tourists prefer medium-size boats, up to 3 m long ones with enough room for passengers and their belongings.

The majority of our rivers qualifies for the first category of difficulty, their flow and obstruction for rafting are moderate. Most likely such a river is next to you now. If there is no river nearby, why not to go for a brief jaunt on the lake? By and large, the energy boost and healthy pleasure matter more to some of us than the pure extreme sport activities. With us you can easily choose the versatile BARK inflatable boat suitable for tourist rafting, fishing or a boat trip.

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