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BARK inflatable boats: materials
On discussing materials for inflatable boats, people normally have in mind materials for their tubes. But an inflatable boat also consists of fittings and accessories who contribute to its reliability and performance. Tubes and bottom BARK inflatable boats are made of the special boat fabrics. Cord-based material covered by a couple of PVC...
Production of BARK inflatable boats
Inflatable boats are in continuous demand because they are stable and safe. On account of a small water draft you can use them in shallow waters. They are easy to store and to transport. Passenger capacity of vessels is different. There are rowing and motor boats on the market. Material utilized for production of an inflatable boat Depending on...
BARK inflatable boats: advanced technologies
Advanced technologies ensure top quality and optimum value for money. You get the quality boat at an affordable price. This is the key principle of manufacture of inflatable BARK boats which we follow at all production cycles, from engineering design to quality control. An accurate engineering design Study of customers' feedback; conformity to...