BARK inflatable boats: materials


On discussing materials for inflatable boats, people normally have in mind materials for their tubes. But an inflatable boat also consists of fittings and accessories who contribute to its reliability and performance.

Tubes and bottom

BARK inflatable boats are made of the special boat fabrics. Cord-based material covered by a couple of PVC layers on both sides. Why PVC fabric? Because the latest modifications of PVC fabric is on a par with the best polymeric fabrics in terms of strength, resistance to aggressive agents and environment friendliness (more details can be found here). In the meanwhile it is considerably cheaper. Therefore BARK inflatable boats are very safe and affordable.

Amongst the tens of thousands of manufacturers there are about twenty renowned best brands on the market. To name a few: Sioen Industries (Belgium), Pennel et Flippo (France), German Corporation Mehler Technologies (Valmex – is one of its famous brands) and Heytex Neugersdorf. The companies from South Korea - Wonpoong, Polytex International Co - joined the group of market leaders. The market leader changes all the time. We keep a close eye on innovations in the field of production of inflatable boats. BARK inflatable boats are made of the materials supplied by renowned market leaders in the area of innovations and quality– Mehler Tehnologies, Heytex, Wonpoong, Polytex.

The density of the tube’s materials of BARK inflatable boats ranges from 800 to 1100 gr/m2. The density is determined individually for each model in order to ensure reliability, safety and seagoing performance, without overweight being in place. Upon request we can make the BARK inflatable boat with the higher density material than in the standard assortment. The bottom of BARK inflatable boats is made of 1100 g/sqm material.

A transom, floorings (a planking and a prefabricated, solid flooring) and seats of BARK motor inflatable boats are made of water resistant laminated plywood. It should be noted that an inflatable boat with the plywood flooring is heavier than that with an inflatable bottom or inflatable flooring. This is the only downside of plywood. In the meantime plywood flooring renders an inflatable boat safety and comfort. The water resistant plywood has no rival in terms of strength and durability.

We use the water resistant, not moisture proof, plywood for manufacture of BARK inflatable boat. Every layer of plywood is impregnated and bonded together by water-insoluble phenol-formaldehyde resins. Exterior layers are laminated. The upperside of seats and floorings is laminated by a textured film with anti-slip properties. The reverse side is smooth preventing the bottom of the boat from being chafed by flooring. The edges of transoms, seats and floorings have a bakelite protection from moisture.

The water resistant plywood supplied by Ukrainian and Belorussian certified producers make it possible to use the quality materials at an affordable price.

Fittings and accessories

Valves, rowlocks, oar holders and oars, towing rings (loops), handles, lifelines and lifelines’ holders, various profiles and parts are significant. The majority of fittings are manufactured in Dnepropetrovsk, the city where we produce our inflatable boats. Fittings are certified and are exported to European Union. We closely collaborate with the producer of fittings in elaboration of design and in the selection of materials. Therefore BARK inflatable boats are fitted with reliable and ergonomic fittings whose materials are compatible with their designation.

Valves, seat holders, a clamp, protective moldings etc. are made of modified PVC highly resistant to aggressive environments, to high and low temperatures and if necessary rigid or resilient. Loops are made of modified PVC or of carbon fiber composite reinforced by fiberglass according to design. Lifelines are made of polyester, not nylon, as is the case with the majority of inflatable boats. Nylon (namely, nylon and capron) is hydrophilic (it retains moister) and is not UV and light resistant. Transom pads are made of plastic or of metal resistant to impact, UV and aggressive environment. We use the following metals: top quality certified stainless steel and aluminum alloys (in rowlocks and loops) excelling the widespread duralumin in term of corrosion resistance and durability (profiles on a hard bottom, transom pads, ores).

We take the selection of materials very seriously because we are customer oriented and are liable to our clients. When you make your mind to buy the BARK inflatable boat, you can be confident that this boat is made of the top quality materials.

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